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Welcome and thank you for visiting Chatham-Kent's home for traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Our goal is simple, to provide the best care possible in a friendly and comfortable environment. We are driven to do our best to improve the quality of life for everyone that walks through our door.

Chinese Medicine is the oldest health care system that has been continually practiced to this day.
Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive health care system, complete with its own terminology and methods of diagnosing. It is a science involving analysis, gathering, classification and application of information similar to Western medicine. Chinese medicine is perhaps best described as providing a different perspective on a presenting complaint. It not only focuses on the presenting condition, but the body as a whole to bring everything into balance once again. Clinical manifestations are considered to be the result of a disharmony within the body's physiological processes, as defined by TCM. The root cause of a disharmony may have originated from our environment or within our bodies due to for example certain habits, conditions and predispositions. As with all medicines, a diagnosis is required to identify the fundamental source of the ailment. Although TCM theory is considered “alternative”, it continues to guide practitioners to their individualized diagnosis and treatment prescriptions, which also continues to prove effective for treating various conditions. Texas Supreme Court Justice Andrews v. Ballar, after reviewing evidence of its efficacy, stated “Chinese medicine, as a system of health care, is no more experimental than is the Chinese language as a system of communication.”

A common misconception is that acupuncture works merely by stimulating the body to produce its natural painkillers, called endorphins. While this is a good explanation of acupuncture's powerful effect on pain control, it does not explain how it influences such conditions as allergies, IBS, or infertility. Observations have been made before and after acupuncture treatments identifying changes on a physiological, hormonal, chemical and metabolic level to name a few. These mechanisms have yet to be explained or understood entirely, although they are conditions commonly addressed in clinical practice. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed over 40 disease states that can be treated with acupuncture.

A system of health care having survived thousands of years, treating at least one-quarter of the world's population, cannot be a result of failure.

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